Monday, July 26, 2010

Spay Day Fun!

T-minus 20 days to move to vet school apartment. YEEIKES. I am not yet mentally prepared as I think I'm still in denial it is actually happening.

My last day at my clinic job was last Sunday, so what did I spend my first free Sunday in months doing? Volunteering at a feline spay/neuter clinic, of course! fun times. It was a great time for a great cause...everyone was a volunteer at every level of experience, from vets doing the surgeries, all years of vet students assisting in prep and post-op, vet techs, assistants and pre-vets. And especially the feral cat trap and release people-not medics but fully prepared to help in all aspects. We all helped in getting 90 cats spayed and neutered, and it worked like a well oiled machine; prep-stations, 4 spays going on at once in the surgery suite, neuter stations, post-op recovery teams and cage-organizers. I was glad to be utilized as a soon-to-be vet student, and they treated me as such. Just when I was having some slight doubts about my abilities, this clinic gave me confidence again. I was also glad to meet and talk to some of the upperclassmen (women) at my school and they were very nice.

So, that was super fun. Next in week is my last week as an animal research tech. I am glad to say goodbye to that and hello to all clinical all the time.


  1. I was wondering where the old lady in vet school was hiding! There's nothing like actually doing some procedures and getting more experience to boost your confidence in your skills. You'll be the star pupil, you'll see!!! I just helped a medical student incise and drain her first abscess on a patient last's been over 2 years since I've touched a patient so even somethine that small felt good to get through successfully. Looking forward to more posts!

    -Jennifer Nunez

  2. Jennifer! I meeeez youuu! I am going to email you RIGHT NOW.