Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ooooh followers!

So I have some followers now and in order to keep them interested, I must update the blog!

Well, today is day 3 of vet school and I smell like pigs. My farm animal husbandry techniques rotation has been taking us to different farms daily, and today was a pig 'farm'. We restrained, drew blood on the pigs and swabbed their noses. yesterday we did physical exams on horses at a barn...monday we did PEs on goats at a small goat dairy. Tomorrow, dairy cattle; friday, beef cattle. Exciting stuff, every week for the next 8 weeks will be something new, then lecture and lab for the rest of the year. I am very pleased with this new curriculum so far at my school because we get to be involved right away.

On the personal front, I was *going* to go to the gym until I realized I forgot my yoga mat in my apartment in Chicago. oh well. I can't exactly run up there and get it in time....

I still am struggling with being away from my husband, but I suppose we will have to get used to it unless a plan B transpires.

off to wash off the pig smell.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My first 8 weeks are scheduled-

here are my clinical rotations. yeee-ikes.
Farm animal husbandry
Equine Medicine and Surgery
Surgical Skills
Small animal internal medicine
One Health
Wildlife & Exotic animal med and surgery
sounds exciting, no?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

first night alone in vet school...

So J just left and I am here in my vet school apartment listening to the extremely loud cicadas screeching outside reminding me of how far away from the city I am now. It's been a whirlwind last couple of days, checking in for IDs, acquiring software, checking into new apt, moving into new apartment, realizing all the stuff I still NEED for new apartment...getting a closer tour of the campus, meeting my big sib, etc. OH-and, the bar crawl last night. You know...I was somewhat dreading it, but it was SUPER FUN. I met some extremely nice and friendly people and it made me feel better about my choice to come to vet school.
Tomorrow we have a day of bonding activities at some park in the woods-and then yet MORE BOOZE at a happy hour. There is a lot of drinking that happens in this town...

J will be returning already on saturday to spend the weekend with me..but I miss him already (it hasn't even been an hour yet). of course. I know it will get easier but right now it stinks.