Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ooooh followers!

So I have some followers now and in order to keep them interested, I must update the blog!

Well, today is day 3 of vet school and I smell like pigs. My farm animal husbandry techniques rotation has been taking us to different farms daily, and today was a pig 'farm'. We restrained, drew blood on the pigs and swabbed their noses. yesterday we did physical exams on horses at a barn...monday we did PEs on goats at a small goat dairy. Tomorrow, dairy cattle; friday, beef cattle. Exciting stuff, every week for the next 8 weeks will be something new, then lecture and lab for the rest of the year. I am very pleased with this new curriculum so far at my school because we get to be involved right away.

On the personal front, I was *going* to go to the gym until I realized I forgot my yoga mat in my apartment in Chicago. oh well. I can't exactly run up there and get it in time....

I still am struggling with being away from my husband, but I suppose we will have to get used to it unless a plan B transpires.

off to wash off the pig smell.....


  1. Which livestock are the most fun? I'm guessing the goats.

  2. the goats are AWESOME! so cute and personable, AND goat cheese is delish. i totaly want one. and a potbellied pig.