Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's been so long....

Woah, it has been a very, VERY intense and long past 6 months. I apologize for not posting since Spring Break, and even then, I didn't post anything of interest.

So, I made it through the first year of veterinary school. All the studying kept my free time completely full, but I did it and am now considered a second year. It was a whirlwind of quizzes, exams, lab practicals, study groups and lots of extra time spent in the anatomy lab.

Something important I did this last semester that I really think helped my health and studying was working out regularly.....the university has a fantastic gym system and as a student I just *had* to take advantage of it...I really think that it helped me maintain my brain power, and just 'get away' from studying for a while and focus on something entirely different. It was helpful-AND i got fit to boot! So-for those of you going to grad school-especially later in life-make time for exercise!

I have already started looking at what our syllabus for next year looks like, and I am scared! At least in the first year there was elaboration on subjects I already had under my belt-but next year...all pathology and bacteria and virology all the time. yeeikes. i'm going to have to seriously plug my brain onto an external hard drive....

I am back home for the summer, and was able to land a perfect job at the perfect clinic-a feline only hospital. I am constantly surprised by how nice and knowledgeable everyone is, and willing to train me.

anyway, that is all for now! I made it! wooooooot!

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